Have the backyard experience that you’ve always wanted with a louvered roof system from Suncoast Enclosures. Turn your patio, pool-side deck, outdoor kitchen, balcony, or breezeway into a space that you can enjoy any time you want. Any time of the year.

Our louvered system enables you to adjust the amount of sun and shade with a touch of a button. You can lounge beside the pool during the hottest part of the day without having to worry about harmful UV rays. Nor will your family barbeque be spoiled by rain, because with Suncoast, you are always in control.

Suncoast louvers rotate a full 180 degrees. You are able follow the path of the sun for optimum light or shade or shut them tight the moment rain begins to fall. An optional solar powered sensor will make sure that your space stays dry, even when no one is there to shut them.

The integrated gutter system carries water away so that it doesn’t collect at the sides or erode the soil around your patio. Another advantage with a louvered roof system is that your patio cover will not block sun from falling into your home, unless you want it to.

Whether you need a free-standing roof or an extension to an existing structure, we can help you design the perfect solution that will enhance your landscape and add value to your home. The versatility of our systems allow you to pick between flat and pitched roofs and styles that range from ultra-modern to pergola. And since our louvers are powder coated aluminum, you can choose any color and finish. No matter your needs, Suncoast has the roof for you.


Take control of your patio year-round with a Suncoast louvered roof system. Our patio covers enable you to relax in style outdoors regardless of the elements. Adjust the amount of light, shade, and ventilation with a touch of a button, and keep your furniture dry when it rains. Spend more time with your family and entertain your guests in comfort knowing that weather won’t ruin your day.

We can build a standalone patio cover, or extend from the roof of your home. Choose a flat or pitched roof, a traditional or pergola style, and match colors to please. A louvered patio cover will enhance the look of your home and because they are fully customizable, you can accessorize with lighting, ceiling fans, sound systems, or whatever else suits your outdoor needs.

Louvered roof system patio covers
Outdoor kitchen and BBQ covers with the Suncoast Louvered Roof System


A louvered roof is the perfect complement to an outdoor kitchen. It will protect your grill, cabinets, and countertops from rain and snow and allow you to control sun and shade while entertaining your guests at the bar. A simple adjustment ventilates the area if it gets too hot or smoky around the BBQ without letting in the rain.

The versatility and durability of our systems allows us to build for any dimensions, and allows you to accessorize any way you see fit. Our rafters are suitable for mounting fans, lighting, televisions, and just about anything else that you would want overhead. Cook outdoors like a master chef any time of the year with a Suncoast louvered roof.


No pool or hot tub is complete without a comfortable area to lounge in. That’s what you’ll get with a louvered roof system from Suncoast. Relax in style and comfort during the hottest hours of the day because you control how much sun falls your way. Point the shade were you want it so the deck is never too hot for bare feet. Don’t worry about the furniture getting wet, because when your neighbors are running inside to escape a sudden shower, your louvered roof blocks out the rain.

Relax beside your pool or steep in your hot tub in the comfort that you would get at the finest hotels and resorts in the world. A Suncoast louvered roof gives you that same look and feel anytime you want. With Suncoast, walking out to your louvered roofs will be like taking an instant vacation.

decks and poolside covers
Balcony and entryway coverings


Let the sun shine or shade fall on your balcony or entryway and into your home any time you want with a Suncoast louvered roof. Enhance the view from your balcony while doing the same for the look and value of your home. When it rains, direct water away to keep your furniture and more importantly, your guests, dry. Reduce the hassle of snow and ice outside your door or along walkways because you will always have control.

No matter how narrow your space, Suncoast has the louvered system for you. We build for balconies that stretch around corners, to small porches outside a side door, and everything in between. We can even build over walkways between your house and garage so you won’t have to worry about getting wet on your way to the car. Whatever your design needs, Suncoast has you covered.