A Suncoast louvered roof system is the ideal addition for any business with an outdoor space.

A louvered roof is one of the most cost-effective methods of getting the most out of your patio or courtyard because customers are able to use the space more often. They’ll have the joy of sunlight, the comfort of shade, and protection from rain, all at a push of a button.

Suncoast louvered roofs rotate at a full 180 degrees to give you control over the elements. The solar powered system activates via remote control, and an optional sensor will close the roof at any time of the day or night to ensure that your space stays dry. The integrated gutter system directs water toward eaves, so you never have to worry about guests being splashed by runoff.

From free-standing to building extensions, we have a variety of options to suit your commercial needs. We build for restaurants, hotels, country clubs, and any other business that wants to get the most out of their outdoors spaces. The sturdy rafters allow the mounting of accessories such as lights, ceiling fans, and sound systems and our powder coated aluminum louvers will match your desired colors. With Suncoast, the styling possibilities will set your business apart from the ordinary.


Serve your customers outdoors in the comfort they deserve with a Suncoast louvered roof. Whether its curbside, courtyard, or balcony, we have the cover that will get you the most out of your space. Customers can enjoy the shade during peak sun hours and they’ll be able to dine outside while it rains. Take back valuable business hours from Mother Nature, because with our louvered system, you are always in control.

Our roofs can provide adequate cover for almost any dimensions while never curtailing the outdoor dining experience. The 180 degree rotation will ensure that the sun and shade falls in the right place at the right time. Open the louvers wide to the sun for your breakfast customers or shut them tight against the rain. Your customers will stay comfortable and your furniture will remain dry. Conceal unsightly wiring from lighting and entertainment systems in our hollow rafters. Deliver an experience that your customers will remember with the help of a Suncoast louvered roof.


Give your guests comfort when they lounge poolside or along the beach with a louvered roof from Suncoast. Our systems are perfect for helping guests get the most out of their vacations. They can bask in the sun, stay cool in the shade, or listen to the rain rustle in the trees all from the same space. The remote controlled system quickly adjusts to the environment and because it is solar powered, there is no extra wiring necessary.

Place our roofs anywhere you want your guests to lounge. Keep poolside bars and equipment dry and protect elaborate lighting and sound systems, yet let in all the sun the season has to offer. Suncoast’s louvers will withstand most any weather condition, so you can count on them to enhance your guests’ vacation experience year-round.


With Suncoast louvered roofs, residents and students will have the ability to use outdoor spaces any time they want. They can also have freedom of movement between buildings regardless of the weather. Patios and common spaces instantly become more enjoyable and furniture stays dry. Balconies and poolside hangouts get as much sun or shade as needed with the 180 degree louver rotation at the touch of a button.

Condo and campus life is much easier with a louvered roof system from Suncoast because our roofs are useful year round. Open them to let the sun heat up a brisk spring morning, or adjust the system to reduce window glare in the evening. In the winter, walkways and entrances stay clear of snow and ice. Always have a dry place to walk between buildings or stand when waiting for a ride because our louvers shut watertight. An optional solar powered sensor can do that job for you, even in the middle of the night.


One of the main attractions of a country club is a patio that looks out over the golf course or tennis courts. Make your outdoor spaces even more attractive with a sophisticated yet practical design from Suncoast. With our louvered roof system, members can lounge and dine in comfort during any part of the day. You can adjust the amount of sun or shade that falls in the area, and prevent rain from getting furniture and equipment wet. With our roof systems, the patio is always open.

Your options are endless with Suncoast. From a clubhouse walkway, to an elegant garden pergola, we can build a louvered roof for any space on your grounds. Our custom colors and finishes will satisfy the most discerning tastes while providing optimum comfort throughout the seasons. All at the touch of a button.