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    Contact: Gary

    Phone: (732) 505-0077

    Email: gary@suncoastenclosures.com

  • With our home office in Barnegat, New Jersey, Suncoast America has been creating innovative and versatile outdoor living spaces since 1995. Recognized and credentialed by many top manufacturers of outdoor living products, client relationships are the top priority of the owner/operator of Suncoast America, Gary Daley.
    We work with each client to find what they are looking for in their project. And many times, we find things our homeowners hadn’t thought of—things they didn’t even know they wanted. It’s all about asking the right questions, and listening to our homeowners’ answers.
    Suncoast America, a division of America’s DeckBuilder LLC, came into its own in 2009 when Daley, seeking a contemporary alternative to the traditional wood-and-staple based screen room, came across the Suncoast Enclosures website. After a couple of introductory phone conversations, Daley flew to Edmonton, and spent nearly a week studying Suncoast products, and the company’s commitment to a superior product. Daley also spent extensive time in the field, working with factory installers. When Daley returned to New Jersey, he went to work on creating awareness of the awesome product line offered through Suncoast.
    Now Suncoast America has installed enclosures on homes from Washington, DC, to northern New Jersey, including along the Jersey Shore, where wind and insects can reach extremes. And along the way, we’ve built a solid network of clients who are over-the-moon about their newfound outdoor living areas.
    So give us a call today. We’ll ask the questions, and we’ll listen to your answers. And together, we’ll make your outdoor living, well, easier.
    And don’t forget, America’s DeckBuilder LLC is your answer for affordable quality decks, railings, and all outdoor structures. See for yourself at www.SuncoastAmerica.com.