Our stock colors are brown, black, and white. These match most existing structures, but we do offer custom colors if you’d like something special. We’ll help you choose clean, consistent colors that match your existing structures while adding a sense of style. Our powder-coated aluminum louvers never rust or corrode, so you can be sure that the color will remain as fresh as the day your system was installed.


Our louvered roofs enable you to mount just about any accessory you want, so you can get the most out of your outdoor spaces. You can add lighting, ceiling fans, heaters, speakers, televisions, or any other electrical or electronic equipment you desire. Our hollow rafters will support mounted appliances while concealing unsightly wiring. An optional solar powered sensor will ensure that everything under the louvers will stay dry the moment rain begins to fall.


Suncoast louvered roofs operate on solar power, so your system will not require any external wiring. The battery is always ready for you to adjust the system so you never have to worry about not having power to close the louvers when it rains. With our optional sensor, the louvers will close as soon as it detects rain to keep your space dry, even when you aren’t around.


Our standard covers are supported by 4x4-inch aluminum posts. If you would like a custom look, we can install posts made of cedar, fir or even clad aluminum posts with your choice of wood.