A little history about how the Suncoast Louvered Roof came to be

In the winter of 2010 my wife and I spent some time in Hawaii where we met a friend of our son's who ran a similar business to Suncoast. He was importing an interesting outdoor patio roof from the mainland that opened and closed with the push of a button. His product was very intriguing to me as another option for our customers. The idea of a roof for your deck that can convert from a solid rain proof roof to an open roof allowing the sun to come in on a beautiful day was very appealing.

The one serious problem that my new friend had in Hawaii with his product was that it would begin to rust within a few weeks of being installed. All Suncoast metal components are made of aluminum that won't rust.

With my knowledge of aluminum extrusions and his knowledge of this opening roof system that he called a 'louvered roof', we decided to combine our experience and develop a louvered roof made out of aluminum components.

We spent many months with ideas, drawings and emails flying back and forth between here and north shore Oahu until we arrived at a model that we could have 3D printed and put to the test. More alterations were required until we finally arrived at a product that worked very well. Then came the motorization part of the system. Many more months of trial and error brought us to a point in 2012 where we could have all the parts made and begin selling in both the Hawiian market and here in Canada. It immediately solved all the rust problems in Hawaii and here in Canada sales began as soon as we presented in home shows with our other Suncoast products. They have been well received by our customers in all our major markets.

The Suncoast Louvered Roof is now creating BETTER OUTDOOR LIVING for many homes and businesses where Suncoast Enclosures are sold. This leaves me to wonder- “What's next?” I guess we'll need to take more holidays in the future.

Randie James
- Founder, Suncoast Enclosures