History of our Logo
Suncoast Screen Enclosures

May 18th, 2012

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History of our Logo

In the mid nineties I wanted to design a new logo for Suncoast and came across a very gifted fellow who I’ve long since lost track of and who’s name I’ve forgotten. I remember him asking me about myself and what Suncoast Enclosures was all about. We chatted for a few minutes and he very quickly sketched out this logo. As I watched him create it in front of my eyes I knew it was a fit. He seemed to capture everything I wanted to convey without me even knowing what it was I wanted to convey.
I recently came across an article about colours and their meaning. Here after 20 years I’m even more sure that my designer friend captured Suncoast perfectly. The colours in the logo are:
Blue – means, among other things, success, high quality, trustworthiness and dependability.
Yellow – means optimism, happiness and creativity.
Green – means tranquil, cool and soothing.
White – simplicity, cleanliness, precision.
Cool huh? It all seems to work. As Suncoast matures as a company it seems to me that the logo captures it better and better over time.

Randie James



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